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      • 天津福特源升降机械有限公司
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      • 通信地址:天津市南开区五金城
      2015-7-2 16:53:04

      More intractable situations such as small space requirement can not be reached, you can tailor highly efficient delivery platform, hydraulic system set up fall protection products on the interactive grassroots door chains, each floor and lift operating table can be set to operate buttons completion of the multi-point manipulation.
      Consolidation of product structure, carrying capacity, steady lifting equipment maintenance simple and convenient, is among economically useful lower floors instead of the elevator ambitions goods transported equipment.
      The apparatus according to the needs of the environment and the use of lifts, the selection of optional equipment is not the same, for better use of effects, mainly used in chemical, high temperature, high pressure, power plants, nuclear industrial base, explosives and other proof companies.
      When the hydraulic lift relief valve prevents upward movement of freight elevator system pressure is too high, emergency manual emergency lowering valve power allows the car to the floor than to the orientation of the door.
      When a system fault attack, hit high pressure oil pump manually manipulate the car up to the ratio of floor orientation.
      When the hydraulic system of the car stall reduce pipeline break, you can take the initiative to intercept the oil suspension reduced.
      When the oil tank beyond the norms set value, the oil temperature signal the onset of maintenance equipment, suspended the use of the elevator, when the oil temperature is lowered before launching an elevator.
      Because the choice of the leading hydraulic system, and outstanding handling methods, hydraulic lift freight elevator operation failure rate may be approaching a minimum.
      Hydraulic lift freight elevator downward when driven by the pressure of its own weight occurs, a substantial saving.