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      • 天津福特源升降机械有限公司
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      2015-6-5 18:01:06

      Summer is coming soon, the recent rising temperatures, in hot weather, if the use of hydraulic lifts operating, be careful not only the safety of the staff, but also pay attention to the safety of hydraulic equipment. The following day, Jinan sharp lifting machinery experts to tell you about in a high temperature environment how to use hydraulic lifts?
      升降机使用的是液压系统 ,而液压油在高温天气温度就会随着气温升高,如果上升到一定的温度就会损坏机械的部件,造成严重的后果。所以我们在高温天气使用升降机的时候,一定要注意给机器降温,或者间歇性作业,防止液压油温度过高。温度过高的时候,液压油管也会加大老化或者受温度的影响而降低韧度,所以要注意油管是否破裂或者损伤。
      Using a hydraulic lift system, hydraulic oil temperature will be in the hot weather as temperatures rise, if the temperature rises to a certain mechanical parts can be damaged, resulting in serious consequences. So we use the lift in hot weather, be sure to pay attention to the machine to cool, or intermittent operation, to prevent hydraulic oil temperature is too high. When the temperature is too high, hydraulic tubing will increase the temperature of aging or affected by reduced toughness, so pay attention to the tubing is broken or damaged.
      Wire in hot weather exposure will be aging or break situation occurs, we must pay attention to electrical safety, electrical appliances if a problem occurs, the consequences would be disastrous. Jinan Xin Shun lift remind you try to choose a job in hot weather cooler morning and evening or cloudy. Another worker safety is important to remember that the primary productive force.